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ICT Cluster

Increasing domestic and international competitiveness of the cooperating organizations, and to strengthen the cooperation they founded Agricultural ICT Cluster in October, 2014. In order to achieve the objectives of the founders sought to exploit the synergies between them, more efficient use of resources, communication, advocacy, and the foreign markets in the area of fund.



The Cluster has set itself the primary objective is to provide IT services appropriate to the needs of farmers, thereby increasing their efficiency and innovative potential.


The Cluster organization can provide an ever-expanding knowledge base, which can be based on user-friendly research and development activity, which stimulates innovation. The Cluster is able to contribute to the development of competitive agricultural integrated IT solutions needed by domestic and international agricultural and food operators, thereby increasing the efficiency of the sector, and profit-making ability.


The agricultural information technology has become particularly important in Hungary in the past few years. The importance of the developments in the IT sector of agriculture features formed from a robotic or process management systems, software, drones, and combining these integrated systems can be established, which can provide real help for farmers to optimize production.


Admission of new members

The Cluster is open to any IT company, organization, institution, or start-ups engaged in R&D who has added value, through their available resources to achieve the objectives of the cluster.

Operating Principles

Project Funding

The Cluster takes on that it will continuously watch the national and direct EU programmes, informs all the partners and members about the opportunities. Furtheremore the Cluster will help in the preparation phase of the projects and provide help in managing and monitoring on request.

Representation of interests

One of the basic aims of the Cluster, thanks to the system of relations effectively represent its member’s interests in general as well as IT, agriculture and food industry participants to decision-makers, and facilitate easier communication between the parties.
At international level, the key aim is to create innovative agro-operative group of European Innovation Partnerships in Hungary.


The Cluster operation, it is necessary to set out in an effective internal communication between the participating members to achieve the objectives, and the introduction of the organization, increasing the professional recognition of the successful and ongoing external communication.
Accordingly, organizes professional events and prepares newsletters for members and CRM systems in order to develop the information.

Market access

Support the key objectives of the Cluster members of the international market entry process, professional representation in international events, building relationships in the international trade representatives, preparation of the cooperation, assistance and knowledge of the international market.
To this end, a partnership with all national and international organizations that can help you in external appearance.

Ongoing Activities

Upcoming events


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